FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Engineering of Psychoware and Somatoware.

Engineering of Psychoware & Somatoware is going to be industry of future. It is total solution for all walks of life and beyond. Life coaches in the form of Engineers of psychoware and somatoware are future leaders.

What is Psychoware?

Psychoware is a new term coined to reflect a new version of existence. Psychoware is invisible and scalable factors of life we use but cannot touch like: life energy, emotions, attitude, skill, wisdom etc. these are expression of consciousness.

What is Somatoware?

Somatoware is a new term coined to reflect a new version of existence.Somatoware is visible and measurable factors of life we use and can touch like: skin, bone, blood etc. it is expression of material existence.

A teacher must be a Global Educator as an Engineer of psychoware and somatoware by 2020.
Role of teacher must be borderless and boundary less. He is responsible for whole life of his students. He may not escape from his duty as a creator of greater society. Teacher is not just for classroom.  And his role is not just as feeding agent. At present in the name of teaching we are shaping generations as per industrial requirement. ILO classifications tell us there are about 5000 branches of services or goods industries. Institutions across the globe are just hunting suitable human resource to feed or shape them as per requirement of industry. Institutions across the globe direct or indirect are affiliated to certain industry or they serve industries collectively. In return institutions get huge funds from these industries. You may take it as at present society is running without teachers. There is nowhere a teacher in formal education system. There are agents of industries who are feeding their own institutions in the name of education. Now it is need of time to appoint teachers in a parallel program.