Role of Global Educator as an Engineer of psychoware and somatoware by 2020.


This paper presents life as an engineering of psychoware and somatoware to solve most of the problems personal or collective across the globe in life or beyond life. After reviewing the development in cognitive science and developing trends of optimal psychology and some of the scope and limitations associated with them a new functional approach is outlined. This new approach take untouchable part of life like life energy, intelligence, skill, attitude, emotions etc. as psychoware and touchable part of our existence like skin, bone, blood etc. take as somatoware. This neo functional approach propose role of educator as micro engineers and macro engineers to configure, upgrade or change society with view that each one has right to self administer his/her education and health. Traditionally media is forth pillar of democracy but we are now in age where education will lead democracy as forth pillar. This paper further discuss how psychology is going to be subject of 21st Century, role of India and scope of Engineering of Psychoware and Somatoware as life coaching Industry.   

Kew Words: 

psychoware: invisible and scalable factors of life we use but can not touch like: life energy, emotions, attitude, skill, wisdom etc. these are expression of consciousness.
somatoware: visible and measurable factors of life we use and can touch like: skin, bone, blood etc. it is expression of material existence.


Everybody is genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. -Albert Einstein

Life coaching industry as a part of informal education has received much attention in recent years because of difference between personal unexplored capacity and ambitions of the age growing day by day. A journey from literacy to a specialization in formal schools and universities is not enough to face life. A person in general become specialist of any subject but cannot cope with issues in personal life.
Educators are subject experts while society needs life experts more and more. Now it is time to think for reform Indian education system. This paper provides a brief overview of study of Human physical potential and consciousness in laboratories and usability of content in present education system of schools and universities.
A comparison between material science and science of education will be useful to understand scope and limitation of proposed neo functional approach.  
In the material sciences converting laboratory findings in useful social products was never possible without making them user friendly. Imagine world without Windows, Apps, Gadgets and other end user friendly products. Global economy is running around software and hardware. From nano devices to giant robotic arms all are under category of hardware and intelligence behind this working hardware called software. Hardware and software touch all aspects of our life. Now it is time to explore findings of laboratories of consciousness and laboratories exploring human physical potential. There are great opportunities before us to convert raw findings inside of laboratories in user friendly packages to benefit the society. This paper visualizes study of consciousness as a future industry of psychoware and study of human physical potential as a future industry of somatoware. By 2020 role of Indian educator will be as a leader of industry of engineering of psychoware and somatoware.

Literature Review:

The absence of any formal and systematic literature review of evidence in relation to the impact and use of Engineering of Psychoware and Somatoware in education, and the lack of any substantive teacher-led and classroom-based action research in this area. Engineering of Psychoware and Somatoware is a relatively new field of study, especially in relation to its application within education, and this may well have contributed to this gap in the literature; however, given the general consensus on the importance of interaction and communication in teaching and learning (alongside subject knowledge), the extent of the gap is perhaps hard to explain.

Objectives of the Study:

To evaluate reactions, if participants enjoyed the information, what participants think and feel about the introduction of Engineering of Psychoware and Somatoware.
To evaluate learning, determine the extent to which introduction of subject change participants’ attitude, and/or improve knowledge, and/or increase their skills.
To identify willingness of youth for self administered education and health.
To evaluate interest in optimal psychology as future tool, to explore their own consciousness and physiological dimension.
To find the areas where formal education do not support in life and Engineering of Psychoware and Somatoware would support.

Research Methodology and data Collection:

The study was conducted in Shekahwati area of Rajasthan. The sample consists of about 2000 students and faculties of Degree College, Teachers' Training School, Engineering College (especially MCA, BCA students).
Primary data was collected through structured Interviews and small talks. The information or the data which was collected through chat and wall post were encouraging, Indian Life Style Guru Baba Ramdev, Foster Gamble (Son of Partner Mr. James Gamble, Multi Brand Procter and Gamble Group), people who are in the field of education, people from social service. All the data was collected by me personally to satisfy the need of research.
This is an evaluation research; designed to deal with complex social issues where outcomes do not represent 'how things are' or how the work' rather they represent meaningful constructions which groups create to make sense of situations they find themselves in. We recognised and shaped idea by our own values inextricably linked to general physical, psychological, social and cultural contexts within which we live. It is highly dependent on our involvement and viewpoint. Our evaluation is action oriented, define a course which can be practically followed with some negotiation. Participants were equal partners in every aspect of the design, implementation, interpretation and results. 


At present we assess a student for how much he/she write in a copy at a certain time from a given limited syllabus. A person who read 100 contemporary books in a year is more knowledgeable than a person who answer five skilfully selected questions from three or five books in a year. 
In future there is a need, for an educator as an Engineer of psychoware and somatoware compare student as gifted natural more than bio computer and a factory made computer. It is not respectful for a student to be acknowledged as brilliant just because he/she could hold some information in his/her temporary memory for some hours in exam hall. 
Nature gift us more than a factory made computer.  Five sensory organs and five organs of actions are working as input and output devices same as mike, speaker, camera, monitor screen etc do in a computer.  Mind convert our information time and information space in real time and real space as a processor do in computer, it hold various types of memory, arms and legs are doing as robotic help. Cognitive Laboratories’ research proves that human being have great potential in physiological and consciousness dimensions. A new branch of psychology as optimal psychology is taking a shape to explore hidden and latent power of individual. 
Our belief system has a great impact on our life. We get out of our life what we believe. Designer of our belief are family culture, media, education etc. We must consider and redefine role of our governing bodies who lead our belief.   
If ultimate target of mankind is freedom from time and space as described in eastern scriptures in the name of MOKSHA, engineering of psychoware and somatoware could provide right platform to do needful. Human body with a self administered health and education system is a vehicle to lead in desired direction.   
It is not useful to examine religion, philosophy, tradition and culture weather it is right or wrong. Question only what they respect, isolation, cloning, fusion or freedom for their followers and the rest of the world.  There was a time when theories against religious institutions were theories of conspiracy. We are in a transit period where theories not supported by governments and corporations are theories of conspiracy. Society without useful education in past was victim of religious superstitions and at present we are victim of scientific superstitions.
We are dependent of market for our daily needs or ambitions and dreams. We need products and professional support for our normal human problems like Insomnia, Relaxation & Tension, Concentration, Memory, Improved Reflexes, Self – confidence, Pain Control, Sex Life, Efficiency, Motivation, Interpersonal Relationships, Aging Process, Career Life, Anxiety & Depression, Bereavement, Headaches, Migraine, Allergies & Skin Disorder, Immune System to Resist any Disease, Elimination of Habits, Phobias and Other Negative Tendencies (Self - defeating Sequences), Decisiveness, Quality of People & Circumstances in General that one attract into life, Ability to Earn and Hold onto Money, Overall Quality of life, Obsessive - compulsive behaviour. We have no educational institutions to know about Psychic Awareness, ESP, Meditation, Astral Projection (Out of Body Experiment), Telepathy, Super Conscious Mind Taps, Fear of Death, Attracting a Soul mate into your life, Harmony of Body, Mind & Soul.
Let us examine role of media in society. It is a tool of informal education more powerful than our main stream education system. Constant flow of guided information and stories are programming society for a not sure destination. It seems as society is no more society, the unit of society a human being is media driven animal. It seems human being victimized of information viruses. Governments and Corporations feel threatened of growing public liberty of communication. Is it not a right time to develop an industry where individual will learn to live life self administered? Education and Health must be in hands of a person him/herself. Self assessment, mutual assessment, parent assessment is need of time instead of assessment from board or universities. We know all about our gadgets, what is brand, year of make, name of manufacturer, features installed in it. We can firmly believe on our gadget for a certain outcome. But, what about an individual? Could we believe on an individual in society? Do we know Who programmed, designed him/her? Are there reliable institutions, schools or universities who can withdraw or call it’s all people if they do wrong in legislation, public administration or judiciary? We hereby propose now it is time to take education as fourth pillar of democracy instead of wild media alone. By psychic attack or by psychic feeding every time we change our opinion as media provide us certain information.
It seems without active role of educator media is not in position to express or guide the society. On the other hand education is very slow in comparison of changing society at the speed of light. We need a partnership between Institutes of Mass Communication and Journalism and Institutes involved in teacher education. A joint venture of formal education and informal Education (mass communication) will decide the content  and the way of delivery to individual for their needs and to achieve collective social target.     
According to Frey (2007), a teacher-dependent education system is time-dependent, location-dependent, and situation-dependent. The teachers act as a control valve, turning on or off the flow of information. The education system of the future will undergo a transition from heavy emphasis on teaching to a heavy emphasis on learning. Experts will create the courseware and the students will learn anytime or anywhere at a pace that is comfortable for them, learning about topics that they are interested in. In the future, teachers will transition from topic experts to a role in which they act more as guides and coaches.
After evaluating above varieties of positive reactions, willingness and interest of participants now it time to recommend for an association of leaders for change. We must identify and recognize Indian and global personalities as Founder Engineers of Psychoware and Somatoware on their outstanding contribution to society and lifetime achievement. We feel potential individuals to be founder member of association of Engineers of Psychoware and Somatoware are not only easily identifiable, but easily reachable.  

I would like to thank Dr. Ashwini K Sharma, Vaidya ShantSharma Aushadh Bhawan, Churu (Rajasthan) for any number of lively discussions on current trends in western psychology and eastern philosophy in general and theories related with time and space in particular I would also like to thank Mr. Bharat Gandhi, Social Activist and Para political Leader with whom the author discussed ancient, present and future socio-economic trends.

Clarke, R. J. (2005), Research Methodologies.